New! “Pinocchio and the Cricket – The reason for food”

Pinocchio and the Cricket

The reason for food

The  book exposes the fundamental knoledge of nutrition in a simple and accessible way to children through a dialogue between Pinocchio and the Cricket.

The colorful designs repeatable by children and the language selected  act as a stimulus for the creative development and knowledge.

The  book is recommended  for parents and teachers

The lyrics  of a famous song   by Whitney Houston called “The greatest love of all” say “I believe children are our future . . .” and it asks us to teach them a great truth very few have  yet recognized: the most precious treasure is preserved within each of us and it’s the love for ourselves!

A unique book that teaches young and old how to eat properly and offers a guideline for balanced eating behavior.

It is a useful text for parents and teachers of elementary or primary schools for food education that will accompany our children through life to become healthy and balanced adults.

Suitable for children between 6 and 11 years and … for adults.

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dedicato ai bambini madrelingua e a chi studia la lingua inglese!


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